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America Trends Podcast featuring Alison Sant

America Trends Podcast

While cities are cluing in to the power of collaboration to fight climate change, much of the transformative action seen today is originating at the community and grassroots level. How can all segments of society work together towards this common goal—since climate change should matter to all of us? This week, we’re joined by Alison Sant, Co-Founder of Studio for Urban Projects and author of From the Ground Up, to talk about examples on the ground and the unique ways in which cities are working to mitigate and adapt to climate change while creating equitable From more severe hurricanes to massive flooding to raging wildfires, climate change is having an effect on US cities and their residents, especially the most vulnerable already suffering from environmental injustice. But behind the headlines of these disasters lie decades of efforts, often spearheaded by grassroots activism, to create more resilient cities. Our guest, Alison Sant in her book ‘From the Ground Up: Local Efforts to Create Resilient Cities’, along with other contributors, shows how cities are reclaiming streets from cars, restoring watershed areas, reforesting urban areas and designing and implementing large-scale ecological restoration along shorelines. It’s an inspiring story as these local heroes race against time in an effort to lead from the street-level, as politicians in high places dither. This all takes place against the backdrop of growing climate distress yearly. Sant takes us around the country to see what is happening on streets, in neighborhoods and by people like you and me to forestall the impacts.

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