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Women’s Forest Congress

Photo of an urban gardener planting a tree

Women as Catalysts for Change: Inspirational Experiences and Stories
Wednesday, October 19th
11:00 AM-12:00 PM CT

Women have led forestry solutions in their communities throughout the country. Whether by organizing their neighbors to plant trees along urban streets, guiding forest management practices in our wildlands, or working with communities to study and preserve forest ecosystems, women are making forestry a part of addressing climate change. This panel, moderated by Alison Sant, the author of From the Ground Up: Local Efforts to Create Resilient Cities, will explore the unique experiences, perspectives, and stories of women practicing in the field and aim to inspire ways for participants to act in their own lives and professions.

Tana Byrd, Guardians of the Canopy, Owner
Sophie Gilbert, NCX, Senior Lead, Natural Capital Development
Vanessa Nhan, Silvacom, Forest Resource Analyst
Alison Sant, Studio for Urban Projects, Partner & Co-Founder

The Women’s Forest Congress is a forum to develop strategies and solutions for forests through a female lens. Women throughout the forest space have come together to share personal and professional experiences, connect with other women in the sector, shape the latest innovations, and consider how actions informed by the female perspective can make a profound impact on the future of forests.

The Inaugural Women’s Forest Congress will take place October 17-20, 2022 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Learn more here. Until then, there are many opportunities to engage today, including topical working groups and virtual conversations. The Steering Committee wants your perspective, ideas, and guidance to ensure the Congress is a success.

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