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Green Sense Radio | Alison Sant: Urban Solutions

What went wrong in our big cities? Alison Sant is author of From the Ground Up: Local Efforts to Create Resilient Cities (Island Press) and a partner and co-founder of the Studio for Urban Projects, an interdisciplinary design collaborative based in San Francisco that works at the intersection of architecture, urbanism, art, and social activism. She has a solution for…

Title Spread for From the Ground Up Boojk

Journal of Urban Affairs reviews From the Ground Up

By Geertje Slingerland // The contribution of the book lies in its practicality and applicability, showing us how this knowledge is operationalized in real-life cases and communities. As such, this book can be best read by fellow city-makers, urban planners, as well as researchers interested in the bottom-up approach for inspiration and to find applicable ideas for setting up community…

National Shared Mobility Summit Hero illustration

2023 National Shared Mobility Summit

May 2-4, 2023 // Join us this year for an opportunity for old and new friends in the shared mobility world to gather and evaluate where we stand on achieving our collective goals. With speeches, workshops, panels, networking, and field trips, attendees can learn about best practices in shared mobility that they can implement in their communities.

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The Dirt: Best Books of 2022

By Jared Green // In her review, Grace Mitchell Tada, ASLA, writes: “From activists and community organizers, landscape architects and city planners, policy makers and city officials, Sant’s cast of characters demonstrate the complexity and nuance that go into creating urban change. It’s the details from her interviews that make this book a valuable tool. Seeing how change is made…

Community Empowerment Is at the Heart of Climate Resilience

By Grace Mitchell Tada, ASLA // “This book is a call to action.” It is that invocation from Alison Sant that propels the narratives in her book — ‘From the Ground Up: Local Efforts to Create Resilient Cities.’ She presents how people in cities across the U.S. are creating equitable communities that can withstand the changes wrought by climate change.…

Photograph of many bicycles in the street.

2022 Urban Spaceship Conference

November 15, 2022 // Urban Spaceship is a day-long national urbanism conference curated by NAIOP Wisconsin and NEWaukee. The Urban Spaceship Conference explores the intersection of people and place and does a deep dive on top trends, and future ideas, in urbanism. This year, the theme of the conference is “Growing Milwaukee to a Million Person City.” This theme corresponds…