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Events related to the publication of or projects contained in the book ‘From the Ground Up’ by Alison Sant.

Audubon Society: Nature-Based Efforts to Create Resilient Cities

March 16, 2022 // Cities are experimenting with ways of reintroducing nature to be resilient to the rising tides, floods, and extreme weather events caused by climate change. Along urban coastlines, restored wetlands, constructed oyster reefs, and ecotone levees provide critical habitat for birds, bivalves and other species–while buffering severe storms. In urban watersheds, expanding the floodplains of creeks, streams…

SPUR Panel: Creating Streets for People in the Tenderloin

February 10, 2022 // From parklets and quick-build projects to its recent Slow Streets initiative, San Francisco has been a leader in experimenting with remaking its streetscapes. However, these programs and their benefits are often unequally distributed. One such example is the Tenderloin, which had fewer public street amenities than most other neighborhoods before the pandemic and was one of…